All equipment is in excellent functional/cosmetic condition (unless otherwise noted), most items have low hours and are in service or were in service until retired. I can provide complete details and pictures upon request. Most have manuals, and there are some extender boards. (Page last updated May, 2010.)

------------------------Main edit bay------------------------

This Globecaster (info here) is an upgraded Trinity (with Key card) equipped as follows:
2-SVHS/Comp input (non-frame sync)
1-YC/Composite master output
1-EO card (streaming video, ethernet output)
1-Clipgrab card
1-Preview card
2-Warp Engine
1-base unit with Switcher, Framestore, Key card, Videonet, and Coordinator cards (128MB RAM on WE and Switcher cards)
$4900 (Hardware only. Software license and extended warranty not inlcuded.)

---Will part out Globecaster as follows---

SVHS input $350
SVHS input $350
YC/Composite master output $400
EO $400

Clip grab $350
Preview $300
Warp engine $1,200

Base unit $2750 (MB, Router, Switcher, Key card, Warp Engine, Frame store, Videonet card, Coordinator card)

Panasonic AJ-D450 DVC Pro studio editor, w/ AJ-YA750 D1 I/O, looks new and works perfectly, very low hours: 1090 power, 350 drum, 190 tape run, 2180 threading, $2500
Panasonic AG-7750 SVHS studio editor, w/ TC, clean and works great, hours: 1104 capstan, 741 drum, $700
Panasonic AG-7650 SVHS studio player, w/ TC, clean and works great, hours: 1379 capstan, 1024 drum, $500


Panasonic AJ-D90 DVC Pro25/50 (DV25 & DV50) dockable deck, looks new and works perfectly, very low hours: 80 power, 40 drum, 640 threading, $2500
Panasonic WV-F565 10 bit digital camera, 3x1/2" CCDs, 14x Fujinon, $1000
Anton Bauer Life Saver charger, 2 Digital Trim Pac 14 batteries, $500
($3500 for these three as a package)

------------------------Misc. other equipment------------------------

Panasonic Docking kit for WV-F250 and AG-7450 $200
Panasonic WV-AD250 camera adapter for F250, $250
Panasonic AG-7450 SVHS dockable deck, $400
Panasonic WV-CA32A/14 VTR cable, $100
Panasonic AG-S745 VTR adapter for AG-7450, $200
Panasonic AG-F745 time code generator for AG-7450, $150
Panasonic AG-460 SVHS camcorder $200
Panasonic AG-B745 (2) battery charger $100 ea.
Panasonic AU-410 MII field deck, appox 225 hours on meter, w/ adapter for older cameras like the Panasonic WV-F300, docks directly to WV-F250/260/565 etc., $OFFER
Misc Panasonic extender boards and service manuals, contact for details.

I.den IVT-7 TBC (composite and SVHS I/O, field/frame freeze) $400

Magni Monitor, waveform/vectorscope w/ extra power supply (displays on any NTSC monitor) Has slight glitch in display, still reads easily, and is dead on. $300

United Media UMI 430 RS-422 A/B/C edit controller, w/ DT $400



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